Why Your Psychic Reading Should Include a Side of Surgery

If you've ever had a psychic reading you might have walked away feeling less than satisfied.  Even if the reading was great you might have felt overwhelmed by all the information shared and weren't sure what to do next.  Sometimes psychic readings are just that, an intuitive gives you a reading on your energy in present time and attempts to give you information about certain areas of your life.  Those are all well and good and may be exactly what the doctor ordered from time to time.  However, if you want to really move the needle and take your experience to the next level, you should ensure you psychic reading comes with a side of psychic surgery.  

What is Psychic Surgery?

Psychic surgery doesn't involve any knives and no blood is shed, however, the experience can often be just as palpable.  In a psychic surgery the healer will go into your energetic body and clear away traumas, programs or blockages in your space.  Depending on how sensitive you are to energy work you may even feel a physical sensation in your body.  Often times symptoms like anxiety or emotional distress will also be eased.  Clients should treat a session involving psychic surgery just like a real surgery.  Extra care and recovery time should be taken post session to allow all the energetic changes to integrate fully into the body and psyche.  

Receiving a reading without the healing portion is like going to a dentist and finding out you have a cavity but the dentist doesn't do fillings.  What's the point?  Real healing comes from the inside out and awareness may only be half the battle.  In my soul song reading and healing sessions I deliver targeted information about various areas of your life and then we work together to clear any blocking energies out of your space.  I guide you through all the actions I am taking so you can be aware of what's happening during the process.  My clients in turn experience huge shifts in their lives from just one session.  If you are ready to take your psychic reading experience to the next level click the link below.  I'd love to work with you.  I am also offering $10 off your first session with me, just because you took the time to read this article.  

With Love, Light and Authentic Connection,


What my Clients are Saying:

"Incredible! Remarkable! Insightful! JUST WOW! I got some insight about my situation that I didn't realize and some assurance from someone special. Got some extra special healing that had me floating on air for days! It gave me some things to work on in my life in areas that were in question. Amazing session!"  Amy N

"One thing I love about BEING a Healer is getting to meet so many Healers with such different abilities and techniques. You quickly learn the difference between powerful and fraudulent. Katie is certainly the former; she sees things other people had only glimpsed, and she freed me and made me aware of things I didn't even know were going on.  I highly recommend her services to those, specifically, who feel as though they are getting blocked at every turn. I look forward to working with her again and healing even more completely." Anna Marie R

"I thoroughly enjoyed working with Katie. She helped me work through a lot of barriers that were keeping me from moving forward in both my personal and professional life. She makes you feel comfortable and is open and honest. I would highly recommend her programs. She is an amazing person."  Susan D