Why Grounding is Good for Your SOUL

Think back to the last time you spent the day at the beach. After walking barefoot in the sand, how did you sleep? How did you feel the next morning?  If you have attended a workshop recently, I have stressed the importance of grounding and connecting with the earth. But why is it so important?  Part of the reason we feel so rested after connecting with nature is that our internal systems get a direct charge from the earth.  Planet earth is like a giant battery being constantly replenished by the sun's ray, lightning, and energy from its hematite core.  Our bodies are also like giant batteries filled with water and cells that need to maintain an electrical current.  On a spiritual level, the earth can be a source of release and replenishment helping us balance out our energy by releasing foreign energy(any energy that isn't your own) and refueling us with new positively charged energy.   If walking barefoot in nature isn't something that's easily accessible for you, try earthing mats and cords from earthing.com or you can practice metaphysical grounding by meditating on a connection with Mother Earth.  That is what I do to gain my spiritual balance with the mother nature. Every client I work with learns the basic tools of grounding, releasing and replenishing their energy.  If you would like to learn more about these meditation techniques, contact me for a private session today.