Energetic Hygiene

We learned in grade school how to have good physical hygiene.  But no one ever taught us about taking the same care with our energy.  You know those days where you just feel foggy, unhappy or sluggish and you can't quite put your finger on it?  Well most likely that is because you've picked up someone else's energy and like a splinter in the physical body your energetic body is trying to expel that foreign object.  Most of us who experience wild swings of emotions believe we were just born that way, but that is not entirely true.  Our natural state is neutral and happy.  Of course life throws us curve balls and situations that upset that balance but if you can't pinpoint the source of your emotions it may be someone else's baggage you are carrying.  When I work with clients on releasing other people's energy and increasing their own, the shifts are profound.  They experience better relationships with others, improved physical health, and are able to move through those stuck places in their life.  They find it incredibly liberating to learn that they can gain freedom and control of their energy which in turn provides greater freedom and control in all aspects of their lives.  If you would like to learn more about how to gain control of your energetic hygiene, check out my new Spiritual Self Healing Program.