The Art & Importance of Ceremony

I used to be so intimated by the word ceremony.  It always sounded so ominous and serious.  As I have stepped further into my purpose and path, I now see that ceremony was something missing in my life.  Its not about your credentials or qualifications when creating ceremony, its all about the intention.  I find myself yearning for ceremony now.  I no longer sit down to just meditate, I light a candle or some sage, I bring flowers or a new crystal to my meditation altar, I set an intention and then I meditate.  It only takes me about 30 more seconds but the results are exponentially greater.  As this practice has started to become habit I noticed other ways ceremony has crept into my life.  As I lay down for bed, I no longer just blindly fall into slumber, I set an intention about what I want my astral experiences to be.  As I prepare a bath I add some sweet smelling essential oils or bath salts and when the water drains away after my bath is complete I visualize my troubles and worries draining away with the water. Ceremony doesn't have to be something you do only on special occasions you can do it any time of day with little or no preparation.  The added benefit of creating sacred space for yourself via ceremony is a deeper appreciation and mindfulness in your everyday life.  You become more present and grateful for your experiences.  So set an intention and create some ceremony in your life.  Its one of the best forms of self care out there and it will transform your life.