Dancing with the Universe

"Allowing is like breathing into all 5 senses at once".  As I sat with this new Pisces moon on Saturday that was the message that dropped in for me to ponder.  As I dug in I was shown how the patterns of impatience and forced forward motion were holding me back from being in flow with the universe.  I know intuitively that when I am in what I call "force forward mode" I am working against the universe as it tries to support me.  Energetically it feels like I am pushing a rock up a hill and I know that isn't how you create abundance, that isn't how you create spiritual freedom and awakening but that doesn't mean I don't still fall into those patterns.  

When I examine these patterns they are worn into my being from years of feeling that I was the only one who could make it happen for me, I was the only one who I could rely on to create the life I wanted.  And while that is partially true, it's also partially untrue. Yes we are the makers of our reality but we are surrounded by a support system, both physical and spiritual that is co-creating with us.  Even those we think are our detractors, our deflectors are serving their purpose in their own way to help illuminate the proper path for us.  

So how do you release this pattern?  How do you break free of something that you have honed over many years of living?  Well the first step is awareness.  As we become aware of the pattern we can begin to heal it.  We can begin to become mindful of how the pattern is presenting itself in our daily lives.  As we become aware of those small moments in our life where the pattern is surfacing we can begin to release ourselves from the stronghold these patterns have on our joy and on our expansion.  

So I begin again this month, with the intention to shift, with the intention to expand beyond these old patterns and truly live my life in harmony with the universe and this vast support system that surrounds me.  Its a process and I will continue to hone and shape it to be exactly right for me in every moment, but the awareness is 90% of the battle and so I move forward dancing with the universe rather than pushing against it.  

"Allowing is like breathing into all 5 senses at once".  And so it is...