You are But a Bridge- A Transmission from the Angels

You are but a bridge between heaven and earth.  You are but a bridge between worlds.  You are but a bridge.  

Bridges aren't meant to hold the weight of the world, they are meant to carry you from one side to the other.

You are but a bridge but we are your beams.  We are your supports, we are your strength.  Allow the weight of the world to bear down upon us.  

You are but a bridge

It is with our strength combined(with yours) that you may bear the weight of this world.  It isn't easy(for you) but we are here to support you.

You my dear Katie are a special kind of bridge.  You might be more likened to a life raft in the middle of a stormy sea.  A beacon of life and light for those around you who are drowning.

If you aren't careful though they will take you under the depths of the sea with them.

You must meditate, relax, rest, you must recharge.  Our love alone cannot sustain you.  You must also sustain you with your practices, with your purpose.

We know walking between the spirit and the "corp" world as you call it is difficult.  You may choose not to at any time.  But you are a bridge, a life raft, and your work happens wherever you are as long as you care for yourself first.

Money is but an object but love and happiness moves mountains.  You may move mountains when you act from pure love.

Slow your pace, be like the tortoise, enjoy the ride across the bridge, look down below for the beautiful water running beneath and sometimes its ok to stop and jump in.  As you say, "Stop and smell the roses".  Life is not about you saving the world, it is about your saving yourself.  About your happiness, your profound and complete happiness.  We are happy when you are happy.

Dry your eyes and feel our love and happiness in your heart.  You are loved, you are happy.