Freedom and Your Shadow

I am fresh off a big experience and I want to share it with others.  A couple of weeks ago, I moved through a big release triggered by some happenings at my day job.  The details of the happenings aren't important but what came up for me is.  I was able to pull up a deep dark part of myself to be examined and re-framed.  Shadow work is the term used to describe the work we do with those parts of ourselves that we like to keep hidden or that we are ashamed of.  I once had a teacher tell me that her greatest asset in her acupuncture practice was at one point her greatest shame as a person.  That stuck with me and its something I reference often when I am beating myself up about my lack of patience, intense drive to execute or propensity to do more all the time.  When this release happened a couple of weeks ago, I grieved the loss of a structure my ego had created that said I only have worth if I am seen and appreciated by my superiors.  Wrapped up in that was a big part of my shadow self, the things I didn't want to let go of, but desperately wanted to re-frame.   A step beyond that was my connection to the collective feminine consciousness.  A collective that for years has been oppressed and persecuted by patriarchal hierarchy.  Such complexity arose when I began to dive more deeply into my shadow work that I had to break it apart and patiently examine each piece to see what should stay and be re-framed and what needed to be released entirely.  It wasn't an easy process, it involved 4 hours of deep grief and emotional release, another hour of just sitting and writing about what had been released and then an hour of fire ceremony to burn away those pages and with it the remnants of that energetic release.  On the other side of that purging came an important gift.  A release of the fear that was holding me back from more fully transforming and stepping into my Zen Within business, a set of practical next steps I could take to move things forward and an overwhelming since of peace about my path.  It's not about freeing yourself from your shadow, but rather being free to embrace all of who you are, including those shadow parts.  What egoistic structures are you ready to release?  What shadow parts can you reclaim and re-frame?