The Spiritual Divide

I recently spent 4 days in ceremony where my intention was to bring the “two parts” of myself together.  The corporate part who has operated so well in the business world and the spiritual parts of myself.  During the ceremony I had an amazing visit with mother spider which I will write about soon, but in order for her to begin to weave me back together some lessons had to be learned. The first lesson to arise was that of the ego.  The need to release comparison and judgement energy came roaring forward.  First comparison and judgement of myself and then the comparison and judgement energy I was carrying against the world around me, the world beyond my spiritual bubble.

Fast forward one week to when I was traveling to a consulting engagement with a client who provides parts to enable the oil industry.  Now this is a client that I wouldn’t typically encounter in my “Spiritual” business, but one that is common in my corporate consulting business.   I was prepared by my colleague before heading out to the client that these people wouldn’t necessarily align with my spiritual “values”.  But I kept hearing that this trip was really important and that the universe sent me here for a reason.  

Well cut to the night before my first in person session with this client and I am awakened at 12:30 am by a bombardment of energy in my hotel room.  This energy felt overwhelming and somewhat scary, so I stepped out of my sleep induced state and began to tune into it.  First I tuned into the energy of the hotel I was in.  I began clearing the space and grounding the building so I felt safe again.  Then I began working with my spiritual team and they showed me that the entire county needed to be grounded and cleared, the entire place needed a healing. Then we moved beyond the county to the entire state and then they showed me why I was really here.  The oil industry and the company I am working with needed a deep healing as well.  The karma being created with the Earth had created struggle for the people working here.  The people who are kind and big hearted but are a part of a machine much bigger than they even realize.   So I began my work to clear the company and their connection with the Earth.  And to my surprise after I moved through the clearing process, the real download came in. 

My willingness to show up to this client and do my “corporate work” and trust in the universe enabled me to be presented with an opportunity to learn, to grow and to heal.  They showed me that without dropping my judgement this great healing wouldn’t have been possible.  They reminded me that no matter what, I am doing my spiritual work in the world wherever I go.  It doesn’t matter what job I am doing or if the people know they are getting a healing, my work is being done.  

I was reminded that we must step outside of our spiritual bubble from time to time to really move beyond the things that are blocking us.  We must connect with those around us who don’t share our values and we must realize that the more we judge, the more we separate, the less likely this entire planet is to shift.  All of us "spiritual" people need to take a step back, we need to practice what we preach, we are all one, we are all connected.  Stop judging and do our work in the world, shine our light because we may not always know how or why its needed, but it is.  Its more important now than ever that we don’t separate from one another, that we stay connected and open to transformation.  You see if we sit in judgment of something it can’t shift.  Its time we close this spiritual divide and open our hearts to one another.