It's been a rough week.  I got a little too comfortable and started wavering in my resolve on the path and the universe smacked me in the face.  You see, I forgot a lesson I already knew about. Value.  The lesson I seem to be learning over and over again.  That the value you place on your time and efforts must be defined by you and not the world around you.  The time you spend doing something has value and if the cost to choose one thing over the other is out of balance you start to feel undervalued.  Rather than defining our value in the eyes of others (who more often than not will let us down) we must define our value from within.  We must only put in as much work and effort into a task, a job or a project as we feel comfortable with or inevitably we will feel undervalued.  For some, that may be an extraordinarily high amount of effort.  Some of us just naturally push ourselves harder than others, but make damn sure YOU are pushing yourself that hard for the RIGHT reasons.  Not for someone else's approval and praise and not for that big prize that's been dangled in front of you as a mere possibility.  If we define our value in the eyes of others we will be let down.  We must first hold ourselves on high or how can we ever expect others to see what we are truly worth.  The moment you step out of other people's shadow and compare yourself to no one, you break free.  You break free from the guilt, the pain and the sorrow and you can just be.