Walking Away is So Hard to Do

Walk away, throw in the towel, let it go, admit defeat, give up.  All these words were never in my vocabulary.  The consummate self starter and perfectionist, never allowing a situation or person to get the better of me.  No more! Gone are the days of working against the grain and being the only one fighting for something that isn't even my cause.  Universe, I give up, I admit defeat, I cannot change the unchangeable, those people who don't value me, those situations where you can't win for losing, those political battles that only bring about hurt feelings and emotional trauma.  I surrender to the process of letting go.  I surrender control over the things that are not mine to control.  Sometimes the only logical course of action is no action at all and as I embrace that, I embrace my ability to go with the flow.  Influencing and sharing only what I am comfortable with, no longer allowing myself to get wrapped up in the dramas of others.  I can only be a shining example for others, I cannot make them be something they are not.  Within surrender I find peace and within peace I find myself.  They say we are only given in life what we can handle but perhaps some of us willingly take on more than we are meant to handle.  Walking away is hard to do, but sometimes the only way to find a new path is to walk away from an old one.  I am stepping into the light and walking away from the dark, won't you join me?