Transforming Fear into Excitement

Welcome to the ZWC Healing Webinar

Fear is a common occurrence for us all.  In this webinar you will learn my proven and practical 3 step process for identifying and getting to the root of your fears and then clearing them out of the energetic and physical body.  We will explore how associating and finding the energy of fear in the body can give us clues as to the foundation and root of the fear which is essentially for fully healing and moving beyond it.  We will also discuss rational fear and how to "build a box" around that fear to allow you to move forward with your live.  

At the end of the webinar you will be guided through a simple 20 minute activation process that will allow you to clear the fear from the body and bring in unbridled child like excitement in its place.  This 40 minute webinar will teach you a skill for dealing with one of the most crippling things you experience, FEAR ITSELF!